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Tools coating - solution for yours tools grinding needs.

Due to coverings it is possible to get high performance tool - HPC, assured fulfillment for growing modern productive requirements processes.

Cost savings
Coated tools can be set up to take significantly higher cutting speeds and feeds, reducing the time and cost for machining.
HSC and dry machining
High - speed cutting (HSC) and dry machining involve extremely high temperatures. Thanks to the outstanding thermal stability, hot hardness and oxidation resistance of the coating, the heat is carried away by the chips without affecting the cutting edge.
Hard machining
Hard and wear resistant coatings enable hardened materials up to 63 HRC to be machined.
Tools with defined cutting edges can be used for the final machining of hard workpieces, so that no subsequent grinding is required.
Materials that are difficult to machine
Aluminum, titanium and magnesium alloys and high-alloy steels are hard to machine. Special coatings, with low frictional coefficient and low tendency to adhere, make it easier to machine such materials.
Special tools
Properly tailored coatings can improve the performance of special tools.
If re-sharpened tools are also re-coated, they achieve the same performance as new, coated tools and a longer total service life. Re-coating becomes a must if the service lives and cutting parameters prescribed for production lines are to be maintained.

We offer following coatings:

Uniform wear behaviour of the highest level

The optimized relationship of hardness and residual compressive stress of the FUTURA NANO titanium aluminum nitride coating increases the stability of the cutting edges of machining tools. Its outstanding thermal and chemical resistance permit dry cutting and improvements in performance of highly stressed components. The high hardness of the coating gives outstanding protection against abrasive wear and erosion.
Cracks even the toughest nuts

The hardness, oxidation resistance and thermal stability of X.CEED were optimized for use in hard and high-speed machining. Even when working high-strength and hard-to-machine materials, the coating gives protection against abrasion and adhesion over the whole range of cutting speeds. The good frictional properties reduce cutting forces.