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Technical Specification

large product photo

large product photo


High-Tech-Solution for re-sharpening, re-toothing and chamfering of HSS metal cutting circular saw blades. Machine is the ideal machine for the fully automatic complete processing of metal circular saw blades. In addition to a high degree of automation, the machine provides outstanding grinding quality as well as low grinding and secondary times.

  • Absolute pitch accuracy
  • Optimum surface quality due to CBN-abrasive grinding, direct drive of the grinding spindle and effective cooling of the grinding point
  • Accurate chamfer, even for sawblades with a side run-out
  • Automatic grinding wheel insertion with verification of the saw blade data
  • Full automatic re-sharpening, re-toothing and chamfering
  • Fully automatic cutting in of chip breaker grooves
Technical information
Saw blade diameter
Autom. chamfering

Tooth pitch
Number of teeth
Sawblade thickness
O 40 - 760 mm
O 130 - 760 mm
(optionally from 100 mm possible)
1 - 55 mm
2 - 998
up to 8 mm

Type of Re-grinded tools:

Type of Re-grinded tools:
  CUT OFF high speed steel saw blades 

The tooth forms most used are HZ, BW, B, AW, A, VP and 'Chipbreaker' . Grinding is based on DIN standards 1836, 1837, 1838 and 1840.

large product photo   CUT OFF high speed steel saw blades

The tooth forms most used are HZ, BW, B, AW, A, VP and 'Chipbreaker' . Grinding is based on DIN standards 1836, 1837, 1838 and 1840.


large product photo   Slitting saws, pipe cutting saw blades

Slitting saws in both high speed and super high speed steels suitable for cutting-off, milling, and grooving steels and alloys on manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines. The saw blade range is o 20 mm - o 315 mm with thicknesses ranging 0,2 mm - 6 mm in variable increments with tooth forms: A - B - BW.

large product photo   Hot and friction saw blades for metal cutting

Friction saw blades are used for cutting of steel tubes and profiles by low working temperature, it means by material temperature up to 250°C. They are made from chrom-vanadium steel marked and they are heat-treated to reach the optimum ratio of tenacity and hardness, which is suitable for cutting of material with high circumferential cutting speed.